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Below you will find links to my various assignments for NMIX 4110, grouped by week. They may not make much sense, but they are just great ways to practice different skills.

Week 2

My Classmates

CSS/Styling Assignment

Week 3

Background Assignment

Lists Assignment

Links Assignment

Birds and Bananas Assignment

Assignment 1

Week 4

Google Fonts Assignment

Webfonts Assignment

Google Form Assignment

Janky Trees Assignment

Assignment 2: Congrats, you just came from there! Click here to return!

Week 5

Child Theme Assignment

Week 6

Assignment 3: Rustic Acre Restorations

Slide Toggle Assignment

Animate Assignment

Autoanimate Assignment

Load Content Assignment

Load Music Dynamically Assignment

Loading Content (not html) Assignment

Eyecatcher Assignment

Drilling Down Assignment

Week 6

ToolTip Exercise

Mr. Potato Head

North Campus Tour

Drag and Drop


PHP Linking Assignment

Drilling Down Assignment

Week 8

Pick One